This page houses a collection of public talks I’ve done recently:

Chicory: Creating a Language-Native Wasm Runtime by Benjamin Eckel & Andrea Peruffo @ Wasm I/O 202

Ruby on Rails Podcast - Episode 511: WebAssembly with Benjamin Eckel

Wasm Plug-in Systems for Frontend Devs: FrontEnd Party 11-14-2023

Introducing the Chicory Wasm Runtime: Below-C-Level November 2023 - Lightning talks

WasmCon 2023: Piercing the Veil of WebAssembly in Production

KubeCon EU Wasm Day: Why You Need a Universal Plug-In System Podcast: Steve Manuel, Ben Eckel - Extism, Dylibso

Below-C-Level May 2023: Running JavaScript in Wasm

Below-C-Level March 2023 - Smol: An educational VM